While I am not entirely convinced that design awards are important, I appreciate the honors that my work has garnered. I consider the awards to be a byproduct of doing my best every time I get the opportunity to design a mark. The fact that I have created work that stands out when hundreds of logos are judged for a show indicates that my marks are quite distinctive and (I hope) worthy of being celebrated.

[2017] Graphis Logo Design 9: Allman Painting, Animal Help Now, Colorado Brewery & Trading Company, Compassion: Ending the Stigma, Finripple, Hirschmann Trucking (digital archive only: BetterDivePro, QuickLook)
[2012] Print Regional Design Annual: Animal Help Now
[2011] Print Regional Design Annual: Adelie Wines, Invisible Window
[2011] Graphis Logo Design 8: 6kites, Catalyst Communications, Invisible Window, Radiometrics, Tigerin, Trellis Healthcare (digital archive only: Adelie Wines)
[2011] Logo Lounge 7: Adelie Wines, Invisible Window, L’Donkey, OwnersLike.Me, Radiometrics
[2010] Logo Lounge Master Library: Trellis Healthcare
[2009] Print Regional Design Annual: Radiometrics
[2009] The Denver 50 Show: Trellis Healthcare
[2009] Communication Arts Design Annual: Trellis Healthcare
[2009] Logo Lounge 5: American Horticultural Therapy Association, CaringFamily, Colorado Brewery & Trading Company, First Presbyterian Church of Golden, Hirschmann Design, Literary Adventures, Mr. B’s Hot Sauce, Siemans announcement icon, TruAd, Velo Coffee Roasters
[2009] Logo Lounge Master Library: Dorado Products, Foothills League Championship, Grand Lodge, Hidden Rock Ranch, Hirschmann Trucking, IBM e-business security icon, Motor City Market, Vanderhoof Elementary School Spelling Bee, Wewatta Transfer
[2008] Signs and Symbols by Mark Hampshire and Keith Stephenson: Boulder Associates, CathCare, Kiosk
[2007] Graphis Logo Design 7: Boulder Associates, CaringFamily, Crocs Mambaz, Hidden Rock Ranch, Loon Lake Investments, TruAd, Vanderhoof Elementary School Spelling Bee, Velo Coffee Roasters, What’s Driving You?, You Are What You Read
[2006] Print Regional Design Annual: TruAd
[2005] Print Regional Design Annual: CaringFamily
[2004] Print Regional Design Annual: Foothills League Championship, Mr. B’s Hot Sauce
[2003] Print Regional Design Annual: Vanderhoof Elementary School Spelling Bee, Velo Coffee Roasters
[2002] Print Regional Design Annual: Loon Lake Investments, What’s Driving You?
[2000] Creative Jolt Inspirations by Rose Gonnella, Denise M. Anderson and Robin Landa: O.C. O’Connell, Michael Bierut invitation icon, DrawBridge, MyBridge, FootBridge, BlueBridge, IBM e-Business icons
[1999] Print Regional Design Annual: BlueBridge, MyBridge, eCollege
[1999] Print Regional Design Annual: Siemans announcement icon, Buffalo Express
[1998] Thinking Creatively by Robin Landa: interview, Colorado Brewery & Trading Company, Southwest Records, Michael Bierut invitation, Hidden Rock Ranch, Hirschmann Design
[1997] Print’s Best Logos & Symbols 5: Colorado Brewery & Trading Company
[1997] Print Regional Design Annual: You Are What You Read
[1997] Print Regional Design Annual: Fire Chief Ale
[1996] Communication Arts Design Annual: Hidden Rock Ranch
[1996] Print Regional Design Annual: Colorado Brewery & Trading Company, Southwest Records logo and icons
[1996] Art Director’s Club of Denver Annual Show: Colorado Brewery & Trading Company, Southwest Records logo and icons
[1995] Print’s Best Typography 2: Spruce Saddle point-of-purchase signs
[1995] Print Regional Design Annual: Lunch for Less, Meadows Food Court icons, Spruce Saddle point-of-purchase signs
[1994] Print’s Best Logos & Symbols 3: Willie Mays Roasted Chicken
[1994] Print Regional Design Annual: Hirschmann self-promotional icon
[1994] The New American Logo: Motor City Market
[1993] Print Regional Design Annual: Colorado Council on the Arts catalogue, GrandStand, Motor City Market
[1993] Larimer Square Oktoberfest Poster Competition, first place
[1993] Dale Carnegie Course Highest Award for Achievement
[1992] Print Regional Design Annual: Willie Mays Roasted Chicken
[1992] AIGA Denver T-shirt Competition, first place
[1991] AIGA Denver 75 Show: Willowbrook Mall signage, Santa Monica Place and Santa Monica Place Eatz design criteria
[1991] ACM Siggraph Art & Design Show: Santa Monica Place and Santa Monica Place Eatz design criteria
[1991] Sign Design & Environmental Graphics: Willowbrook Mall signage
[1986] University of Kansas, Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, graduated with distinction

Foothills League Championship